Friday, December 01, 2006


I've been pondering, what should be the content of this blog? Many seem to have a central theme, such as Smitten is about cooking and newly married life (mostly cooking - Deb is totally killing me with her pics! ). Dooce is about her life with family and making a living off of blogging.

So, what is a nutcase like me supposed to entertain you with? I think my inability to be a size two will be one of the prominent threads. See, I use to be a size 22 (GASP!) and in 2003, I decided to do something about it. I went to Weight Watchers (Double GASP!!) and lost quite a bit of weight, achieving the slimming size of a 12/14. I was able to keep most of the weight off until this last year, when I started to eat all the awful things that love to make their home on my thighs. Also, I feel that "exercise" is a pseudo-four letter word. Hopefully, by being honest to you, my lone reader I will be able to lose more weight and achieve a sense of accomplishment in being healthy. And humorous.

The only downfall with writing about my struggles with weight is that all the supermodels that discover this blog won't be able to relate.

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Married Girl said...

The supermodels of the world may not relate, but the real women of the world will! I appreciate your honesty and look forward to the journey!